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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Heating Up

Again, another solid week.  If it weren't for an absolute collapse by Florida (Tennessee is the WORST top 15 team by FAR) and about 10 lucky passes by TN as Dobbs got smashed by Florida, the pick would have been fine.  Also, BYU with a late cover (WV up 17 in the 4th quarter)... should have been 5-0.  Ended up 3-2.  Two solid weeks of picks.  

Each week when I watch Tennessee play after hearing about their athleticism:

6-4 in the last two weeks.  Plan to use this as a spark for the rest of the year.  When someone reminds me that my lock of the week is 1-3 (25%):

Kevin's Week 5 Picks
Stanford +3 over Washington
Duke -3.5 over Virginia
Michigan -10.5 over Wisconsin
Memphis +14.5 over Ole Miss
Georgia +3 over Tennessee (LOW)

Last Week's Picks
Duke +20.5 over Notre Dame - W
Kentucky -2.5 over South Carolina - W
Stanford -1.5 over UCLA - W
Florida +5 over Tennessee - L
West Virginia -7 over BYU (LOW) - L

Kevin's 2016 Record
Overall - 10-10 (50%)
Last week - 3-2 (60%)

Lock of Week (LOW) - 1-3 (25%)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 5

+ Week 5 Picks --
Pick is first team listed

Utah (+2) - California
Fresno State (+10) - UNLV
San Jose State (+9) - New Mexico
Rice (+24.5) - Southern Miss.
Louisiana Tech (-18.5) - UTEP

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 11-11 (50.0%)
Career: 376-305-15 (55.2%)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 4 Roundup

Clemson kicked off the week with a 26-7 road win at Georgia Tech on thursday night for the second straight cover after opening 0-2 ATS in their first two outings. The Tigers defense is on a roll, allowing a total of seven points in the past two games. The under is now a perfect 4-0 for Clemson on the season.

It was a battle of Top 10 teams between Michigan State and Wisconsin, but only one team showed up. The Badgers rolled to their second high-profile win of the season, topping Sparty 30-6. The Badgers are 4-0 SU and 3-1 ATS. Wisconsin's defense has allowed 11.8 points per game (PPG), and the under is 3-1.

Michigan rolled to a 49-10 win over Penn State in their conference opener. The Wolverines improved to 3-1 ATS, while the over is now a perfect 4-0. Next up for the Wolverines is the biggest test to date, as Wisconsin pays a visit to the Big House next Saturday.

Tennessee finally snapped their losing skid against rival Florida, although it didn't start out looking that way. The Gators entered with an 11-game winning streak in this series, and jumped out to a 21-3 lead at the half. However, the second half was all Vols, outscoring the Gators 35-7 en route to a big win and a cover.

LSU headed for the Plains to take on Auburn. The home team won without scoring a touchdown for the first time since 2008 when the Tigers topped Mississippi State 3-2. LSU also lost Heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette to an ankle injury, although he was able to appear later in the final drive, mostly as a decoy. LSU appeared to have a touchdown in the back corner of the end zone for a miraculous win, but after further review the Tigers were unable to get the play off before the play clock hit :00. Before that...

Saturday, September 24, 2016


I had conviction on about 10 games in week 3.  Only two of them were wrong (both by a point or two).  Pretty upset I ended up going only 3-2 but it looks as though I'm back in my groove again.  This is a late week pick because of vacation and other issues.  My one early pick would have been Wisconsin (+6.5) over MSU.  Too late to do that right now but I stand strongly by that.

When people ask me why ESPN continues to talk about the SEC dominance after watching the league (less Alabama) play this year

Kevin’s Week 4 Picks
Duke +20.5 over Notre Dame
Kentucky -2.5 over South Carolina
Stanford -1.5 over UCLA
Florida +5 over Tennessee
West Virginia -7 over BYU (LOW)

Kevin's Week 3 Picks
Cal (+7.5) over Texas - W
Penn State (-8.5) over Temple - L
Mississippi (+11) over Alabama - W
Missouri (+6.5) over Georgia - W
Baylor (-31) over Rice (LOW) - L

Kevin's 2016 Record
Overall - 7-8 (47%)
Last week - 3-2 (60%)

Lock of Week (LOW) - 1-2 (33%)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Couch's Corner


Loss-  Oklahoma  (+1.5)  over THE Ohio State
Win-  Michigan State (+8) over Notre Dame
Win-  Miami (-3.5) over App St.
Loss- Tennessee -27.5  over Ohio
Loss- Illinois  +3  over Western Michigan

I will say one thing, you didn’t have to sweat any of my games.  

Last week 2-3
Season 2-3 (40%)

Week 4 Picks

Auburn +3.5 over LSU
Northwestern +8 over Nebraska
Marshall +26.5 over Louisville
UTSA +5.5 @ Old Dominion
Western Michigan -7 over Georgia Southern


First play is more of an play against LSU than a play on Auburn.  Dont trust Les and that offense to go into Auburn and pull away// Nebraska is coming off an emotional win and having to travel to Evanston.  Think NW steps up and keeps it close//Louisville just blew the doors off FSU and has Clemson next week.  Think they have been hearing the praise a bit too much. West Virginia will be rocking//UTSA kept it close last week against ASU while Old Dominion has been blown out by better competition//Western Michigan is legit.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 4

+ Week 4 Picks --
Pick is first team listed

South Carolina (+2.5) - Kentucky
Southern Miss (-10) - UTEP
Louisiana Tech (+5.5) - Middle Tennessee State
USC (+3) - Utah
Wake Forest (+7.5) - Indiana

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 8-9 (47.1%)
Career: 373-303-15 (55.2%)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 3 Roundup

Gameday was in Louisville for the first time in history and Lamar Jackson put on a show.

Just one of those days for the Noles. Ice 'em down.

In another matchup of top 15 teams, Ohio State went into Norman and owned the Sooners from start to finish.

Down in Baton Rouge, LSU wore some heinous jerseys and Leonard Fournette murdered a guy. #prayfornumber1

Staying in the SEC, I think Todd from Wedding Crashers plays for Auburn.

In Oxford, Alabama got off to a slow start but eventually rallied and beat Ole Miss. In hindsight, a brutal day for the entire state. Every team in Mississippi lost last weekend. 0-10.

That's Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Jackson State, Alcorn State, Mississippi Valley State, Millsaps College, Mississippi College, Belhaven and Delta State if you're scoring at home. All lost.

Friday, September 16, 2016

I'm Back

I  have been hearing the rumblings. Where is the guy that  actually made us  $? Well, I am back!!!

Without  Further Adieu

Week 3 Picks

Oklahoma  (+1.5)  over THE Ohio State
Michigan State (+8) over Notre Dame
Miami (-3.5) over App St.
Tennessee -27.5  over Ohio
Illinois  +3  over Western Michigan


Oklahoma is a classic home dog. This is  the season for Oklahoma right here and  I don’t trust all the young  guys of OSU to hold up under the lights  in Norman, get the Papa  Johns ready for Urban// Brian Kelly  has Dantonio’s   #, however  ND pass defense is  so  porous that you  will get the back door cover late in the 4th. // Remember when App St. kept it close at Tennessee? Yeah that was 2 weeks ago, long time in college football, Richt  will have the U ready//   Tennessee finally hit top gear (get it they played at a racetrack last week) and will roll this week// Home dog, and classic over reaction to WMU rowing the boat week 1 against a terrible  NW team.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Week 3.  Big week for the B1G.  Expecting some big things.  This is also the week where things begin to finally take shape and I shake off the cobwebs of the early games.  I have enough football under my belt going forward for real picks.  No excuses.

Still, when I remember how confident I was last week picking Clemson over Troy:

After I shake off the dust of the first game second week and go on an insane run the rest of this season. 

Kevin's Week 3 Picks
Cal (+7.5) over Texas
Penn State (-8.5) over Temple
Mississippi (+11) over Alabama
Missouri (+6.5) over Georgia
Baylor (-31) over Rice (LOW)

Kevin’s Week 2 Picks
Clemson (-34.5) over Troy - L
USC (-16.5) over Utah State - W
Akron (+23) over Wisconsin - L
Iowa State (+15.5) over Iowa - L
Ohio State (-28) over Tulsa (LOW) - W

Kevin's 2016 Record
Overall - 4-6 (40%)
Last week - 2-3 (40%)

Lock of Week (LOW) - 1-1 (50%)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 3

+ Week 3 Picks --
Pick is first team listed

Charlotte (+3) - Eastern Mich.
Texas A&M (+3.5) - Auburn
Massachusetts (+1) - Florida Intl.
Duke (+6) - Northwestern
BYU (+3.5) - UCLA

Last Week: 3-4
Season: 5-7 (41.7%)
Career: 370-301-15 (55.1%)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 2 Roundup

Under .500 for the first two weeks...

Let's kick this off with the big upset win in Stillwater...

Fire up Chips! Then we rolled into the night with the big game in Bristol.

All about setting a new attendance record, sightlines be damned.

Down south, we had Alabama doing Alabama things...

Big time win for the Stream with Arkansas winning outright as a 7.5 point dog. TCU fans were shocked.

What is this? Figure it out SMU.

And that's it for the second week... Picks for Week 3 go up tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


First week is over.  A few quick findings to reiterate Laske's points.

1. SEC again is overrated
2. B1G may actually be a formidable opponent to the SEC
3. ND would beat Texas 9/10 times.  May go undefeated from here on out.  
4. It may be Bama and then the SEC.  Bama looks to be the real deal again.  

When I saw last week's LOW game after the first quarter.

After I shake off the dust of the first game and going on an insane run the rest of this season. 

Kevin's Week 2 Picks
Clemson (-34.5) over Troy
USC (-16.5) over Utah State
Akron (+23) over Wisconsin
Iowa State (+15.5) over Iowa
Ohio State (-28) over Tulsa (LOW)

Last Week's Picks
West Virginia (-10) over Missouri - W
Northwestern (-4.5) over Western Michigan - L
Kent State (+22) over Penn State - W
Notre Dame (-3.5) over Texas - L
USC (+12) over Alabama (LOW) - L

Kevin's 2016 Record
Overall - 2-3 (40%)
Last week - 2-3 (40%)
Lock of Week (LOW) - 0-1 (0%)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 2

+ Week 2 Picks --
Pick is first team listed

Nevada (+28) - Notre Dame
Texas Tech (+3) - Arizona State
Arkansas (+7.5) - TCU
Missouri (-25) - Eastern Mich.
Utah State (+17) - USC
UNLV (+26) - UCLA
New Mexico (-12.5) - New Mexico State

Last Week: 2-3
Season: 2-3 (40.0%)
Career: 367-297-15 (55.3%)


The last time Nevada visited South Bend, they had a true American, patriotic Colin Kaepernick, and lost 35-0. Note that over the last two years, Nevada is 7-1 as an underdog away from home.

Arkansas and TCU are old foes from the Southwest Conference... Bielema is 9-2 ATS as an underdog during last two years. His record at parties on campus is unknown.

Fading USC and UCLA, at least one of them won't recover from last week.

New Mexico, led by your boy Bob Davie, hasn't lost to the rival in the last four matchups. It's generally accepted that this streak has nothing to do with Bob's coaching ability.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 1 Roundup

College football is back and college football delivered during Week 1.

Game of the weekend was Texas and ND. Just a perfect example of the highs and lows of college football. On one hand you have Charlie Strong getting carried off the field by his players and on the other hand.... #IrishTears

Wisconsin showed up to Lambeau and proved that the Big Ten owns the SEC, save this cheap shot after Wisco sealed the win. 

USC hung around with Alabama for a quarter before ol Saban started crushing the hopes and dreams of Trojans' fans at JerryWorld.

And finally, the top play of the weekend. Penn State's kicker absolutely dropping the hammer on some poor kid.

PS - Leaving you with a little 'Stream Fun Fact.... All three Service Academies won their game for the first time in six years.

Friday, September 2, 2016


2016 is upon us!  After a long 7 months with no football it's that glorious time of the year where sports begin to matter again.  Last year had a rough start but really came alive the second half of the year.  I am feeling a lot better about my understanding of the league dynamics and of college football in general.  Expecting BIG things this year.  

My expectations on how this year will go versus reality:

First week is low hanging fruit.  Me Saturday night after I start the week 4-1 or better and receive congratulatory texts:

Kevin's Week 1 Picks
West Virginia (-10) over Missouri
Northwestern (-4.5) over Western Michigan
Kent State (+22) over Penn State
Notre Dame (-3.5) over Texas
USC (+12) over Alabama (LOW)

Kevin's 2015 Record
Overall - 34-31 (52%)
Two Weeks Ago – 3-2 (60%)
Lock of Week - 6-7 (46%)

Kevin's 2016 Record
Overall - 0-0
Last week - 0-0
Lock of Week (LOW) - 0-0

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week 1

We have arrived. Week 1. College football. The best.

+ Week 1 Picks --

South Carolina (+5) - Vanderbilt
USC (+11.5) - Alabama
Louisville (-38.5) - Charlotte
Colorado State (+8.5) - Colorado
Wake Forest (-15) - Tulane

Last Week: 0-0
Season: 0-0
Career: 365-294-15 (55.4%)


Considering a late play on West Va -9.5 against Missouri out of respect for their fans and the signs hanging on their porches. After the last year, I now associate Missouri with killing puppies and safe spaces. Team is probably equally soft.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Season Totals

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets – Over 6.5 (-105)

The longtime Streamers will not be surprised here. I’ve picked the Yellow Jackets as much as any other team over the years and they rarely let us down. Paul Johnson’s system is tough to prepare for in a week and they tend to wear teams down during a game. Oh, their first game is in Ireland. This has the makings of a special season.

When it's a few days before the season and I'm grinding my way through last year's stats to update the algorithm...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Coming Soon....

And then, like a gift from God himself coming down from the clouds, somebody drops off a 2016-2017 hype video just in the nick of time. A little somethin to get the engines revved up.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Season Recap

That's it.  Another great college football season in the books.  Final records...

The career record stands at 365-294-15 (55.4%).

Thanks to everyone for reading the Stream all year.  See everyone next season.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

National Championship Roundup

You could tell this had the makings of a special game even before the kickoff.

Look at the focus.  Mark Ingram joined Derrick Henry at the coin toss.  The two Heisman winners from Bama.

Derrick Henry is a grown man.  Just huge.  We're all thinking it, but no one would be dumb enough to tweet at Mark Ingram about it, unless you're Jamele Hill.

Classic Sparty move to poke the bear.  And the bear responded.  Cue Ingram's response...From the top rope.

Too harsh?  Now to the game... Between surprise onside kicks and 3,000 pound touchdowns, we saw Saban lay it all on the line.

And I'm giving all the credit to Saban.  Not Lane Kiffin.  Kiff probably called for the halfback pass before getting overruled by Saban.

Clemson gave it literally all they had.  Deshaun Watson is an absolute monster.  Gallman was playing hurt and still turned it on late to give his team a chance.  Shaq Lawson was playing with a shredded MCL and draft stock on the line and still ripped off 2 sacks in the first half.  Took a Derrick Henry punch to the mouth, shook it off and came right back to build a lead.  Took a lead into the 4th quarter.  Had Alabama on the ropes.  But in the end, Saban is Saban and Bama is Bama.